DISALFARM S.A. was established in order to offer logistic services, warehousing and distribution of pharmaceutical products to its owners Bayer Hispania S.L., Boehringer Ingelheim  España S.A. and Novartis Farmacéutica S.A.

Our activity, based in warehousing and distribution of pharmaceutical products, is part of their manufacturing process. Therefore, we have to develop our activities under a Quality System based on GOOD MANUFACTURING AND DISTRIBUTION PRACTICES (GMP and GDP) according to European and National legislation RD 782/2013 11/10/2013.

At Disalfarm we dedicate all our efforts to satisfy customer needs in order that medicines maintain their quality, efficacy and safeness, since the reception of goods till they reach their final user.

In order to achieve our objectives we daily work in strengthen a culture based on:

Professionalism and efficacy. Improving and challenging all the processes.

Team work and cooperation. Flexibility and adaptation are considered important values in our environment in which we will help the development and respect to the individual and the group.

Innovation and continuous improvement analysis.

Transparency and respect to our people, proper use of the facilities and respect of our internal rules as a tool of self and company development.

Our objective is quality, a quality achieved with the attitude, aptitude and knowledge of all the company members.

Quality in Disalfarm

The logistics operator of the pharmaceutical industry

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